Most homebuyers rejoice once they finally settle the purchase, pack up their bags, and move into their new home. Getting the keys to your new home is the cherry on top of the cake in this scenario. However, it is essential not to get swayed by the excitement. It is important to secure your home before you move in. To help you out and raise awareness about potential issues that may occur, we will discuss why you should change the locks before moving in.


Essentially, you can’t be sure that you are the only one who has all the copies of the keys to the home, even if the real estate agent or seller claims this to be the case. In addition, the lock and keys that guard your property might not be impenetrable. In most cases, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, homeowners are advised to change the locks to be on the safe side. So, let’s take a closer look at the arguments on why you should consider changing or rekeying the lock on your home.

How many spare keys are there?

This is not to say that the seller is trying to hide something. Most homeowners give spare keys to their family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, babysitters, real estate agents, cleaning personnel, contractors, landlords – the list goes on. Even if they collect all of the keys, they cannot vouch with certainty that the people who had those keys did not make a copy. Someone who had the key in their possession might abuse it when you least expect it. 


Furthermore, you cannot be too sure when the lock was changed the last time. So, even if the previous owners only had one or two keys, it might happen that the owner of the home before that has a copy. 

Two people holding a spare key

Who knows how many spare keys are out there?


Consider the statistics

Unfortunately, three in four homeowners do not change the locks before moving into their new homes. Hence, it is no coincidence that burglars are twice as likely to break into your home if you have moved in the last 12 months. Criminals count on such negligence when they scout for possible victims.


Yet, many people tend to undervalue the importance of home safety. It is all too natural to think that the chances of getting robbed are minimal. Hence, most people leave the original lock and key thinking that nothing bad will happenAs you can see, statistics speak to the contrary. Burglars usually keep an eye out for renovations and moving trucks. So it makes sense to think ahead and secure your home before it’s too late. 

It is not only financial damages that may occur

Most people fear burglaries. However, a safe lock also ensures no one breaks into your home to hurt your family members. In light of this, you must change the lock as soon as you move in. Until then, make sure that you don’t leave your kids alone at home. 

Lock replacements are relatively inexpensive

In addition, the home purchase, renovations, and relocation might strain your budget so much that you decide to cut corners here. However, the average price you pay for changing the lock is a relatively small price to pay in comparison to the financial ruin you could experience if your belongings get stolen or damaged. Furthermore, you can lower your spending by finding the most affordable yet competent moving company out there. So, learn how prices work, make an informed decision, and invest the saved money into a new lock. 


In most cases, the lock mechanism itself costs around $35 to $50. However, a DIY lock installation can be challenging to execute. Hence, it makes sense to spend another $100 and get a professional locksmith to do it flawlessly. Even if this pricing might seem exorbitant from this perspective, remember it is a one-time expense that will go a long way. 

A strong lock and key on a brown door

A new lock is a lifelong investment.


The lock might be in bad condition

Even if there are no spare keys out there, the lock itself could be easy to break. Over time, rust or general wear and tear might reduce the safety of the mechanism. What’s more, you may not be able to gauge that this is the case just by looking at the lock. That is why you should hire a professional, GSA-certified locksmith to inspect the condition of the lock. It might be that you need to rekey rather than replace the lock or the door in its entirety. This kind of assessment can save you a lot of money if you are not ready to spend a lot on the replacement. 

A key in a simple lock

The lock might not be secure enough.


Home insurance policies

It is not for nothing that new homeowners are advised to change the locks before moving in. In fact, most home insurers consider this an essential security measure. If there’s a break-in, they have the right to deny compensating you if there are no clear signs that the break-in was forced. What’s more, you could face legal prosecution or similar damaging accusations that you tried to defraud the home insurance agency. Hence, this kind of oversight could cost you more than you have bargained for. In that sense, it is better to avoid all of these negative repercussions and simply change the lock before you relocate. 

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article has clarified why you should change the locks before moving in. Finally, we recommend you don’t just cross out the idea from the start. Explore your options carefully, or contact a skilled, trustworthy locksmith service provider such as Tri-State Lock for information on lock replacements, door replacements, and rekeying.


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