GSA Certified Locksmith

Tri-State Lock is a GSA Certified locksmith.  We provide a wide range of GSA lock services. Above all, when it comes to installing and servicing a GSA-approved lock, you just can’t contact any locksmith.  Fortunately, Tri-State Lock can service, and repair GSA-approved security containers, safes, and vault doors. Most importantly, our techs are fully certified on GSA containers.

Security containers serve the purpose of holding classified equipment, documents, and material.  For instance, the containers hold valuables, weapons, funds, communication technology, or even controlled substances. The Department of Defense regulation (5200.,1R,) states weapons, controlled substances, or funds can never be kept in the same container as any classified information. Therefore, the safety compromises. In conclusion, the result is the need for many storage containers for classified material. When these containers pass the tests, they receive an official GSA label on their front exterior surface (when these labels are missing, the container is no longer GSA qualified, and requires a new inspection.) Fortunately, Tri-State Lock in Florence Kentucky is a certified GSA Certified Locksmith.




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