Why do steel doors provide the best long-term value?

Steel doors provide many benefits to your commercial business and even your residential home! Though the initial cost may be higher, its durability, increase in safety and security, and low maintenance makes steel doors the best long-term choice. Not convinced? Here are some more reasons why steel doors provide the best long-term value.



The initial cost of a steel door is often less than the cost of a fiberglass one, however, steel doors can sometimes cost more than similar wooden doors.

Wooden doors may offer opportunities for a handsome, customized, natural look, but ones featuring intricate design or high-quality wood quickly become expensive, often becoming more expensive than an equivalent steel door.



Many engineers and architects feel that they can save money by purchasing wooden doors when in reality they’re sacrificing cost-effectiveness. Since wood absorbs moisture easily, it can peel, bubble, warp, twist, & bow. Replacing or repairing these damaged doors can be extremely expensive.

If you’re looking for long-term value, metal doors are key, routinely lasting 30 years (or more) with proper care. If they do happen to need maintenance or repairs, costs are often much lower than repair costs for similar wooden doors.



In most cases, steel doors are designed with fire resistance (and other safety measures) in mind, though it should be noted that not all steel doors with frames are fire-resistant. The same can be said for certain wooden doors; some wooden doors can be fire-rated.

In general, fire-resistant steel doors offer a 20-minute fire rating. In case of a fire, they can handle dangerous heat levels for up to 20 minutes, allowing the building’s occupants ample time to reach safety.

Each steel door is adorned with a fire-rating sticker that indicates just how long it will hold up in the event of a fire.



Security is essential for commercial buildings that deal with large quantities of inventory or cash.

Steel doors are much harder to manipulate or break down than wooden doors, preventing unauthorized and uninvited access to the building’s interior.

Steel doors are also often chemical resistant and bulletproof, whereas wooden and fiberglass doors are not.



Wooden doors require routine maintenance, when in contrast, steel doors require little to no maintenance, with metal doors being resistant to:

  • Rust (if properly primed and painted)
  • Cracking
  • Bowing

Steel works best in exterior-facing doors that need to withstand heavy traffic and brave the elements.

Since steel doors offer insulating properties, they can even lower your building’s temperature-control costs. Wooden doors, however, are not nearly as energy-efficient.

Even though steel doors can become scratched or dented somewhat easily, they’re simple to repair and rarely require a time-consuming replacement as often as fiberglass or wood options.



What else should you be aware of when considering steel doors?

  • They’re temperature-affected. Steel can feel cold or hot to the touch because of its conductivity.
  • They offer superior sound reduction. Metal doors can help to reduce sound pollution from leaking from one room to another.
  • They’re easy to clean. Steel is useful in buildings where sanitation is vital, such as hospitals.


Many of the benefits steel doors grant to industrial and commercial applications also apply right at home.

  • They secure your house. Aside from a lower-level window, the most common means of entry for home burglaries is the front door. There’s very little chance that would-be thieves can compromise the stiff opposition of a steel door.
  • They lower your bills. These energy-efficient doors are filled with a foam inner layer that keeps heat and cold inside. Many homeowners will find that steel doors eventually pay for themselves.
  • They’re tough. Steel is one of the most durable, weather-resistant materials on the planet. This is especially comforting if you live in an area prone to storms with high winds and other fickle weather.

Steel doesn’t have to mean cold and impersonal, either.

Doors can have panels that are either embossed or bolded to add character. Decorative glass can be inset, and sidelights and transoms can be added to further style it.

Even though commercial steel doors and frames may lack the design options of wood, metal moldings applied appropriately can transform their appearance with no impact on their functional qualities.



Many of the top traits of steel doors are especially handy in environments with high precipitation and temperatures. They even offer environmental friendliness, since they’re 100% recyclable. With so much to like about steel doors — cost-efficiency, peace of mind, and durability — it’s little wonder their market keeps growing. Get steel doors installed today for the best long term value in your commercial business or home!

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