Since the first locks and keys came into existence thousands of years ago, a broken lock within a lock has been a concern. After all, a key must fit securely into the lock designed to open. A broken key is unavoidable if you apply just a little bit too much force or if the material has grown slightly brittle. Standard keys are not compossed entirely of strengthened material. They must be somewhat pliable for the engraving design, to be precise. Because they are sometimes composed of considerably softer materials, duplicated keys are more prone to break within a lock. There may also be issues with the lock itself. There are many issues when a key breaks in your lock, but don’t worry. In this article, Tri-State Lock would like to share what to do if your key breaks in the lock.

Stay calm and don’t panic

Dealing with a broken key in a lock is one of many circumstances where remaining composed is crucial.  Avoiding panic is also something to keep in mind too. Panic might produce hasty decisions and activities that could further harm the lock or make getting the broken key out harder. Before acting, take a moment to breathe deeply and evaluate the situation. Remember that there are answers to this issue, which can be achieved with time and caution. When we panic, our judgment is impaired, and we may act without giving our choices enough thought. In order to make the greatest option possible regarding how to proceed, it is crucial to maintain your composure and think critically about the circumstances. To avoid potential harm, calling a professional locksmith for assistance is always preferable if you are unsure what to do.

Staying calm and collected is not only helpful in this situation, but it’s also a rule of life. Heightened alert and panic might get you to react quickly, but taking a step back and thinking about a problem is crucial. That is especially true when it comes to fulfilling more complicated tasks. When your key breaks in the lock, it’s a significant inconvenience, but don’t lose your cool over it. Some tasks require much more energy than getting your door unstuck. The moving process, for example, can be dangerous if you are doing things hastily. Not only are you risking injury, but your stuff can also be damaged by someone if you don’t properly plan everything. That’s why you should always be collected and calculated when planning a move. This way, you can maintain security and stay safe when moving. So, don’t let panic get the better of you.

man in a red t-shirt feeling worried
if your key breaks in the lock, try using a flathead screwdriver that is small enough to be placed inside the keyhole.

When your key breaks in the lock, assess the situation carefully

When dealing with a broken key in a lock, evaluating the issue is a crucial first step. It’s critical to carefully inspect the lock and key to ascertain the degree of the damage before taking any further action. You can decide the best course of action by evaluating the issue, whether trying to remove the key yourself or contacting a professional locksmith for help. The extent of the damage, your level of competence, and the materials you have on hand will all influence the best action to take when dealing with a broken key in a lock.

You might be able to gently remove the remaining piece of the key from the lock using pliers or tweezers. However, you might need a broken key extractor tool if the key is firmly stuck in the lock. When attempting to remove the key, it’s crucial to avoid applying too much force. Doing so could harm the lock even more. Additionally, we recommend hiring a reputable locksmith if you don’t feel comfortable attempting to remove the key yourself or lack the essential tools. In any event, it’s critical to maintain composure and carefully analyze the issue to decide the best course of action.

A metal key in a modern brown door with a high-security lock
One way to prevent your key from breaking inside the lock is to use a silicone-based lubricant and spray it inside the keyhole every six months.

Use a broken key extractor to get yourself out of trouble

A broken key extractor exists specifically to help you when your key breaks in the lock. It consists of a thin, pointed piece of metal with a hook at one end. Purchase a fractured key extractor from a hardware store or locksmith if you don’t already have one. Insert the extractor into the lock with the hook facing upward. Slide the extractor along the inside of the lock until it catches on the broken key.

Take caution not to use too much power as you slowly pull the extractor outward. Once you remove the broken key, test the lock’s functionality by turning it with a spare key. Call a reputable locksmith for assistance if you’re having problems using a broken key extractor. The key in the lock too tightly, do this.


A woman trying to unlock the trunk of her black car
if you don’t have a broken key extractor, use a strong magnet to pull the piece out.

A locksmith can always help you

We have already recommended calling a reputable locksmith for help. Do this if you can’t get the broken key out of the lock on your own or are unclear about what to do. A locksmith is equipped with the skills, experience, and specific tools required to remove a broken key effectively and safely. They can do this without endangering the lock too. Make sure you are aware of the sort of lock you have before making a call. Include your location and a thorough description of the issue, along with your contact information. Before the locksmith arrives, be sure to get a price quote so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Remember to stay calm and patient while waiting for the locksmith to come, and avoid attempting to remove the key yourself. So, when your key breaks in the lock, don’t panic; there is always a solution. Your key stuck in the lock can be a stressful experience. In this article, we wanted to share what to do if your key breaks in the lock.

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