Like many services, a locksmith can be one of those professionals you don’t really need… until you REALLY need them! While many of us think “locksmith” when it comes to duplicating a key or purchasing a safe, there are a variety of services most locksmiths can provide:


  • Locked Out of Your Home, Car, or Business – Life moves fast! Sometimes so fast we get ahead of ourselves. For example, locking and closing a door behind us before we make sure we have the key in our possession. Whatever the reason, a licensed locksmith can help you regain access. NOTE: If the lockout is an emergency situation, such as a child or pet trapped alone inside, you should dial 911.


  • Key Cutting – As previously mentioned, locksmiths are adept at cutting all types of keys for a variety of locks. This can include cutting by hand, machine cutting, security keys, and even restricted keys.


  • Windows & Door Locks – Congratulations on your new home or apartment! Did you change the locks yet? There is no telling how many keys the previous owner had made for friends, family, contractors, etc. While most of these people have no interest in entering the property now that it is yours, good luck sleeping well knowing strangers likely have a key to your home. Changing the locks on doors to a new home is a must!


  • Security Safes – When it comes to valuable documents and personal possessions, one cannot be too careful. Theft or fire are just two of the ways these items can be lost. A certified locksmith can help you choose the right security safe for your needs and install it for you. Forgot the combination or need a repair on your safe? A locksmith is here to help!


If it takes a key to open it, a locksmith can install it, repair it, or remove it. When you need locksmith services, look no further than Tri-State Lock in Florence, Kentucky. Tri-State is the official lock and security provider for the Florence Y’alls and UC Health Stadium. We also provide services to Great American ballpark and Paul Brown stadium. Let us put that knowledge and experience to work for you!