Every office is a microcosm of its own. Why? Because the people who work there create different dynamics and atmosphere. You want your office staff to be busy and efficient but also cheerful, energetic, and motivated to do their best. Of course, in your role as a business owner, you need to provide the proper conditions. Ensure that your staff feels safe, has the necessary resources, and feels appreciated for their hard work. However, that’s not enough. If your employees don’t work like a team, follow the rules, and create a positive environment, your effort will be wasted. And this is vital when it comes to safety. You want your employees to know what to do at all times. Luckily, there are many excellent ways to train your office staff proper safety measures!

Why is training your staff about safety essential?

Sometimes, people neglect safety and safety training, especially in places that already seem risk-free, such as offices. However, this is not a good approach. Workplace safety is as vital as your home safety.

Yes, the training will take some time and effort. But it comes with no downsides. Apart from ensuring your business complies with safety regulations and making every employee safe, there are many other benefits. Safety training of your staff will help you:

  • reduce the number of workplace injuries
  • prevent possible property damage
  • prevent financial loss (due to legal issues and damages)
  • earn the respect of your employees and retain more of your staff
  • boost morale and productivity
  • create a good reputation for your company.

Take care of elementary safety first

Before you tackle risks and safety issues inside your office, ensure everything is safe and sound on the outside. Commercial properties face a lot of dangers that residential homes don’t, especially after work hours. Steel doors and commercial-grade locks will protect your business from potential intruders.

Also, offices often have plenty of valuable equipment, not to mention confidential documents and information. Installing a high-security system will give you peace of mind even when you’re not there. Of course, ensure all your staff members know these measures and how to handle all the necessary hardware and software. Then you can continue with the rest of your training stress-free.

a woman holding safety training for her employees
Employee safety training has many benefits

Choose the right type of locks for your business

The security of your business starts at your main entry points. And that means you need sturdy and effective types of locks to ensure your business is safe. The way to go is to choose a commercial-grade lock. The BHMA set standards for different grades of commercial locks. Grade 1 locks are the top-security choice, especially for your main entrance. These heavy-duty locks are the highest quality the industry can provide. Only a bit less sturdy, Grade 2 locks are ideal for internal commercial doors.

What to teach your staff?

How you train your office staff depends on the type of lock you choose. There are various commercial-grade locks – mortise, cylindrical, electric, magnetic, smart, etc. So, you want your employees to know how to operate the lock to ensure it remains functional and practical.

In addition, don’t neglect regular maintenance. While these types of locks are strong and durable, you should have an expert check whether everything is functioning correctly from time to time.

Keyless entry systems

If you have a lot of employees, issuing a copy of the key to all of them is quite risky. Keys can be lost, forgotten, stolen, etc. Instead, it’s better to opt for keycard entry systems.

Your employees will get a plastic card, ID, badge, or electronic device. To enter, they need to swipe it in the proximity of the electronic reader. Apart from being secure, this system allows you to track entrances and allow access privileges to certain areas of your business.

What to teach your staff?

Again, depending on the type of keycard system you opt for, you want your employees to know how to use it properly. Sometimes it will mean using their card responsibly. And sometimes, it will require memorizing a PIN and not sharing sensitive information with anybody.

Choose the best safe for your business

Safes are an essential part of every business. They store money, valuable documents, and sensitive data. For that reason, choosing the right safe is vital. However, you also must implement some safety measures regarding access and use of the office safe(s).

What to teach your staff?

In your role as a business owner, you must know all the options and functions of the safe you choose. If others are familiar with possibilities you’re unaware of, your safe’s security will be at risk. Also, ensure only the right people know the code. Train your staff about administrative tasks about the safe and how to ensure it remains secure.

So, once everything is in place, you need to consider how to train your office staff proper safety measures. Here’s how to plan for your workplace safety training!

a notebook and laptop to help you train your office staff proper safety measures
Focus on what you want your staff to learn

Know all the safety regulations in your industry

Next, keep in mind that training your employees is not only beneficial but also mandatory. OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) issues laws and regulations for all industries to ensure the safety of workers in the US. So, find out what laws and regulations apply to you and ensure your business complies with them.

Define your learning objectives

Your learning objectives will affect the whole training and what your employees do afterward. For that reason, make sure you have clear and well-defined goals. Think about what actions you want your employees to perform after they finish training. This will help you design your training plan and tests.

Know your staff

Of course, to devise the best method, you need to know your employees. Consider their concerns, interests, and personalities when designing your training plan. But also ensure they all work together as a team. Whether you’re organizing office relocation or implementing new safety protocols, you’ll achieve the best results only if they’re on the same page. So, get everyone on board, build a positive atmosphere, and ensure everything goes smoothly.

an office safety meeting
Ensure all your staff is on the same page and working together


Make the office safety-friendly

Of course, all your training will be useless if the conditions in the office are not satisfactory. You can do a lot to ensure this is the case. That way, you can implement all the safety protocols right from the start. For example, you can:

  • use labels and signs
  • provide the right equipment
  • keep everything clean and well-maintained
  • perform regular inspections
  • solve issues as they appear
  • find the right GSA-certified company to ensure your safety and security.

Open dialogues and regular meetings are vital

Lastly, once you’ve done the training and all the rules are in place, keep in mind it’s not the end. On the contrary, organize regular safety meetings and maintain an open dialogue between all the involved parties. Make it easy for your staff to give suggestions and express their concerns and issues. Regular meetings and discussions will help you review your policies and make improvements.

The bottom line

Creating a safety training program is vital. It will ensure your office is a safe and productive place. Plus, there are many other benefits. Although it takes some time and effort, it’s well worth it. Follow our tips on how to train your office staff proper safety measures and ensure your workplace runs smoothly.

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