Summer is here! It may be one of the most unusual summers we’ve ever had but there is still that yearning to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We can stay safe and socially distance through a variety of outdoor activities and day trips. And while you may not be taking that week-long vacation this year, perhaps you’ll enjoy a day of fishing, some time at the lake, or an afternoon of golf. As you prepare for your activities, take the time to prepare your home and valuables to remain safe and secure while you’re gone. There are a variety of steps you can take, from the obvious to the more intellectual:


  • Lock Your Doors & Windows – According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than half of all burglaries occur through an open or unlocked door or window. These are often crimes of opportunity. A would-be thief happens to see you drive away while also noticing the living room window is open. Had you secured your home before leaving, that thief would’ve moved on to another target. Easy fix… lock your doors and windows when you leave your home!


  • Keep Valuables Out of Sight – Burglary is about risk vs. reward. A thief is less likely to risk prison (i.e. break into your home) if they aren’t sure there is a viable reward for their efforts. To help ensure a thief skips your house, keep your valuables stored and out of sight. Especially portable electronics that can be easily taken and easily sold.


  • The Lights Are On (but nobody’s home 😉 – 3 out of 4 burglaries occur when no one is home. To that end, it is important to make a would-be thief believe your house is occupied when it isn’t. Lights are an easy way to do this. Consider leaving a few lights on when you will be gone for a long period of time. Exterior motion lights are also a good way to deter a potential thief. If you are going to be on vacation or away for a long time, you want to take steps to avoid tell-tale signs of your absence from accumulating. Put a stop on the mail. Arrange to have someone collect packages, advertisement circulars, and door hangers. If you can, keep a car in plain view in the driveway while you’re gone.


  • Alarm Systems – Installing an alarm system is a great way to ensure security. There are a variety of companies and systems available on the market today to meet every need.


Tri-State Lock has over 60 combined experience in the lock and security business. We are ready to help you take the necessary steps to keep your valuables and family as safe as possible. Stop in or give us a call today!