On the lengthy list of ‘germ-infested’ objects, door handles can be found close to the top of the list, right? While most people have been enlightened on the best way to use a door in order to minimize contact with the most public parts of the door, there is no way around it— you have to touch the door in order to open it! In this time where our public’s health and safety is at the forefront of all business owner’s minds, having a sanitary and hands-free way for people to access your business could prove helpful.


The technology abounds in the realm of limiting exposure between employees and customers, technology that doesn’t have to look like a futuristic robot… simple devices such as arm or foot pulls prevent contact of hands on doors. Likewise, a push plate on a door allows customers to use their elbows or their backside to open doors. Simple devices installed on pre-existing doors can greatly limit both employee and customer exposure to germs and viruses.


For some businesses, it might be necessary to take more extensive steps to limit exposure. Doors that are constantly accessed, such as the front or main entry, an automated door system could be the best solution. Secondary doors that are only accessed by a few individuals, or by employees only, have ‘down-time’ that allow them to be cleaned and sanitarily maintained. Main entry-ways of busy businesses often see no ‘down-time’ and therefore, removing the need for hand contact is the safest option for entry. 


Tri-State Lock, located in Northern Kentucky, services all of Greater Cincinnati with professional locksmith services. Focusing equally on residential and commercial locksmith issues, Tri-State Lock is committed to making your facility as secure and safe as possible. The word ‘safe’ has many different facets, and especially right now, health and germ prevention is of highest priority in the realm of staying ‘safe.’ 

Let’s partner and find a solution that leaves your business safe and secure.