With the exception of a few businesses that operate on a 24-hour, around the clock, business model, ALL businesses have hours that are dark. Closing hours… generally at night, right? 


Well, in this ever-changing world, many businesses are currently faced with closing hours that are during the day as well, and for multiple days at a time. The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented business closures across the nation in order to prevent the spread of disease. All businesses, especially small businesses that don’t operate under corporate security mandates and policies, are now at a higher security risk as physical offices, workshops, supply rooms, and financial records are left unattended and closed. 


So, how do you, as a small business owner, ensure that your business is safe and secure during this time of closure? Tri-State Lock, Northern Kentucky Professional Locksmith, is here to make sure that you have covered all the bases, or more likely, locked all the doors! Before you research and purchase additional security solutions, we recommend a thorough evaluation of your current setup. Using a professional locksmith, such as Tri-State lock, to do a security assessment and consultation is going to put a neutral set of eyes on your security policies and procedures… a neutral set of eyes with years of security and locksmith experience.


A security assessment will have many components; and some, during this time in particular, should receive special attention. You should have a clear list of who has access to the building; if there have been layoffs or furloughs, determine if those individuals still have access to the building either via security codes or physical keys. You should also know who has access to any safes, medicinal cabinets, and storage rooms with supplies (paper goods, food, equipment).

The results of your security assessment should provide some gaps and concerns that Tri-State Lock can help remedy. Tri-State Lock can provide a complete re-keying to your business, or provide new locking mechanisms to different areas that perhaps were once unlocked. Tri-State Lock can help install upgraded Smart lock systems that rely on coded entries to help better understand who is and was on your property. This is not a time to live in fear, but it is a time to reassess the proper safety and security procedures you, and your business, follow… a simple fix could save you from a big emergency! Visit www.tri-statelock.com for more information.