When buying a new house, you probably want to make sure it’s completely secure before you start living in it. A security system should be much higher on your list than, let’s say, investing in expensive home decor. After all, if you don’t have a sound security system, someone could steal your fancy expensive decor, and you’d be left with nothing. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t know much about home security, this is the article for you. We compiled a list of some of the best and simplest ways to secure your new home.

Secure Your Doors

After buying a new home, the first thing you should do is change the locks. Even if the seller tells you they’re giving you the only pair of keys they own – one can never be too sure. Perhaps past owners kept a spare key or lent it to the neighbors for safekeeping and then forgot about it. You don’t want to risk this. Someone who has a key can easily unlock the doors and walk into your home without raising any suspicion in random passersby.

Key in a keyhole

The first thing you should do before moving in is change the locks.

Other than picking the right locks for your home and changing the existing one, you can also try other door reinforcements:

  1. Install a deadbolt. You should install deadbolts if your front doors are made of sturdy wood, steel, or fiberglass. Deadbolts are secure since they’re not spring-loaded and can’t be “jimmied” open with a knife blade or a credit card. They’re also great at preventing forcible entrance.
  2. Add a strike plate. A strike plate, often known as a “strike,” is a metal plate that is attached to the door jamb to reinforce the latch on the lockset or deadbolt. Adding a strike plate is a great measure to secure your doors even better.
  3. Add a video doorbell. There are many kinds of video doorbells, but if you want to increase your security, you should add one that is motion-activated. That way, you’d be able to see anytime someone comes near your doors. If you catch someone snooping around your doors a few times, looking around for points of entry, you should alert the authorities.

Install A Security System

Even if you add multiple locks to your front doors, you should still consider installing a security system in your home. Security and alarm systems are great for many reasons. First, many burglars are deterred by houses with alarm systems because they want as little attention to be paid to them, and a loud alarm isn’t going to help with that. Some burglars would much rather move on and find an easier target.

The other reason why you should install a security and alarm system is to ensure a quick response from the police in case of a break-in. However, you should check your local laws to make sure you don’t need a license first.

Update Your Outdoor Lights

When it comes to deterring burglars away from your home, good outdoor lighting can do the trick! One of the best and simple ways to secure your new home is to simply change or add more light bulbs and lights outside. Automated lighting with infrared motion sensors is the most effective option. These can be particularly helpful while you’re on vacation. If you’re afraid of the light going out while you’re not home, go for a more environmentally friendly option and use solar-powered lights.

Silver security camera on a building

A great way to deter people from breaking in is to install a security system with cameras.

Keep Your Valuables Out Of Sight

Some thieves may scout possible targets ahead of time to ensure they’re not wasting time breaking into homes without any valuables. That’s why it’s much better not to store any valuables where any random person can spot them. Instead, you should get curtains or blinds to keep prying eyes out of your home. Another possible option is to get a safe and keep your most valuable possessions inside. However, there are plenty of valuable items that you won’t put in your safe (such as cash, your electronic devices, etc.), but you should still keep them out of sight of people you don’t know or trust.

How To Secure Valuables When Moving

In the messy process of moving, things are likely to disappear, get lost, or, in extreme cases, even stolen. When it comes to your valuables, you should do anything you can to keep them safe during the process. Some of the most important things you should always keep in your line of sight and where no one else can take it. Other, larger stuff that you can’t keep in your bag should never get out of your line of sight either. Moreover, if it’s something most people would recognize as valuable, try to be more subtle when moving those things into your new home. You don’t want your future neighbors seeing an expensive painting, for example, and spreading gossip around the neighborhood that you have something so valuable in your home.

Door handle, keyhole and a deadbolt.

You should install deadlocks to maximize security.

Meet The Neighbors

A simple way to ensure your new home is secure is to also chat with your neighbors. Go around the neighborhood and introduce yourself – it’s not only a great way to make friends but also a way to get people to look out for your property when you’re not around. Moreover, by getting to know your neighbors, you’ll spot strangers in the neighborhood much easier.

Don’t Let Everyone Know When You’re Not Home

This part is especially important if you’re going on a trip for multiple days after you move in. Don’t tell all your neighbors, and try not to broadcast to everyone that your home will be empty. Instead, try to be lowkey about it. Don’t post everything about your vacation to your social media, so people won’t know your new place is empty.

Final Thoughts

Before moving in, your main priority should be to secure your new home. Other than simple physical enforcements such as installing a new lock and an alarm system, you should also make sure you meet your neighbors. However, you should never be too friendly straight away with people in a new neighborhood. Instead, take it step by step. Make sure you can trust the people around you before you share any potentially dangerous information and put your home at risk.

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