With the dawn of road-side assistance programs, driving and car ownership has become increasingly a user-friendly experience. Gone are the days of having to change your own spare on the side of a busy road. No longer are drivers required to carry the skills of an auto-mechanic to self-diagnose problems and attempt a remedy. Many car insurance companies offer road-side assistance within customer plans, and if they don’t, alternative companies offer extremely reasonable subscriptions to similar services. 


However, these ‘included’ services or basic coverage plans often don’t cover more in-depth solutions, sometimes leaving drivers in a lurch. While they have generally increased roadside safety and offer a great deal of convenience, it’s important to know that there are some services that might require additional expertise. One service that is often not covered under entry-level plans is replacement, reprogramming, or duplicating of ‘Smart Entry’ auto locks. 


Technological advancements have allowed drivers to start cars, lock doors, open trunks; all without ever touching an actual ‘key.’ Key-less entry and ignition is becoming standard on many automobiles, not just high-end models. The term ‘key-less entry’ originally meant a lock controlled by a keypad located at or near the car door, requiring a pre-programmed numeric code. Now, the term ‘remote keyless system’ (RKS) also synonymous with ‘keyless entry’ refers to a lock that uses an electronic remote control which is activated by a handheld device or automatically activated by proximity. 


Remote keyless entry systems emit a radio frequency with a distinct digital identity code. Consumers have been taught, perhaps due to the high level of technology involved, that the ‘programming’ of these systems is a proprietary process, typically only performed by the automobile manufacturer. While it is true that all systems originate from the auto-manufacturer, a trained locksmith with the correct tools and programs, can service these keyless systems.

These services could be useful in many scenarios, not just ‘emergency’ lock-out situations. Perhaps a purchase of a used car only came with one set of Remote Keyless Entry keys, and the new owners are interested in having more than one set? Perhaps your current set of keys is malfunctioning due to overuse or age and a replacement set would make operating the vehicle more reliable? Maybe the keys have been through some force-trauma such as a drop onto concrete, or they have been run over? Or, the tried and true, ‘I lost my keys’ is a perfect reason to need Remote Keyless Entry help!

Tri-State Lock offers many Auto services: Lock Out, Key Duplication, Key Replacements, Transponder Keys, Remote Testing and Repair, Computer Flash Programming, Battery Replacement, Key FOB Cover Replacement (of most makes and models) Call to speak to one of our trained staff and chances are, Tri-State will have the solution you are looking for! Not only will a solution be found, choosing Tri-State Lock will be a more affordable solution than contracting services with the car’s dealership. Visit Tri-State’s website for more information: www.tri-statelock.com