Managing even one, let alone multiple properties demands secured access to numerous areas. From the maintenance shed to apartment 4B, a property manager is responsible for ensuring the right people (and ONLY the right people) have access to a space. People are counting on you to keep them and their possessions safe. Here are the scenarios where your on-going relationship with a trusted locksmith is crucial:

  • Property Turnover – It goes without saying that anytime a unit changes hands, all keyed entry locks should be replaced. In many states this is even required by law. Do not rely on the fact that a tenant was given two keys and turned in two keys. He/she could have had any number of copies made and distributed.
  • Lost Key – Lost keys happen all the time. And the first and easiest (but temporary) solution is to use a back-up copy. But if that key does not turn up within a few days, the safest practice is always to rekey or change the lock. While the key may be someplace it will either never be found or never be associated with the lock, there is also a chance it is found with enough information to lead someone to the residence.
  • Contractor Turnover – Contractor work is a necessity with any rental property. And like your locksmith, you have likely built a relationship with those who do the majority of work on your property. A key in a lockbox or even a copy provided to a contractor is a common practice. But if and when that relationship ends, rekeying spaces the contractor had access to is strongly recommended. The potential for additional copies to be floating around cannot be ignored.
  • Common Space Security – Multi-unit properties often have shared spaces with a variety of security features. Pools, mailboxes, garages, laundry rooms, gyms, each with a unique lock and security feature requiring maintenance and eventual replacement.

Security of your property and the safety of your tenants is paramount. Your time is too valuable to spend playing catch-up. Partnering with a trusted locksmith like Tri-State Lock will save you time and provide peace of mind for you and your tenants. Give us a call today!