There is no feeling of panic worse than walking to your car only to realize you have lost your keys or for whatever reason they are not working! It is never advisable to try and break into your car yourself. Between anti-theft systems and modern key technology, it won’t likely do you any good anyway. So now question begs… do I call the dealership or a locksmith?


For starters, before you find yourself in this situation, it is always advisable to have an extra set of fully-functioning keys to every vehicle you own. Toddler drops your keys down the storm sewer. Accidentally thrown in the garbage. There is no end to the ways perfectly responsible people might lose a set of keys. Having an extra set is going to save you time and help you avoid “panic-mode”.


Your first thought for replacing your keys might be the dealership where you purchased the vehicle. If you purchased your vehicle new, that may be an option for you. However 2 out of 3 vehicle purchases in the United States are used vehicle purchases that likely did not come from the vehicle’s manufacturer. So that dealership likely isn’t even an option. You could find a dealership that sells your vehicle’s make, but let’s consider the advantages of a locksmith:


  • Price –You’ll pay much less to replace car keys when you go to an auto locksmith than you would when you go to a dealership. The cost of service at a dealership is notoriously high for just about everything; even simple services like rotating your tires or getting an oil change. Imagine the inflation on a more technical procedure like cutting a new car key or replacing a transponder key.


  • Convenience – A mobile locksmith coming to your location and cutting keys on the spot is far more convenient than having to make an appointment with a dealership and waiting for service. It could take weeks to figure out a time that works for the dealership and your schedule. If the dealership is not close, you could have to take out even more time to drive there and back. When you work with a mobile car locksmith, you just have to make the call and the locksmith will be on site as quickly as possible.


  • Experience – You may worry that if you call a locksmith, you might not be able to get the service you need for all types of keys or that the locksmith won’t have the equipment to make specialty keys. The truth is that trusted and experienced locksmiths have the equipment to replace the keys for just about every make and model of vehicle. They also have the equipment to repair or replace door locks and ignition switches.


When you work with an experienced, bonded locksmith like the professionals at Tri-State Lock, you know you are going to get the help and service you need. Don’t wait until an emergency strikes! Call us today to get that extra set made for your vehicle and have the piece of mind in knowing that when the unexpected happens, you are prepared!