If you’ve just moved into a property or been in the same house for a good number of years, your best bet might be to change your locks. Maybe rekeying might be a wiser option? Whatever the case, there’s a good chance your home warranty covers (at least) one of these. Also, you might be wondering: wait, what is rekeying? If so, you’ll find everything you need to know in the article below. In it, we’ll show you whether it is better to rekey or change locks in your (new) home. Stick around for some valuable information!

Rekeying vs. replacing a lock: the main differences

Before we delve deeper into today’s subject matter, it might be a good idea to quickly tour the basics and answer the following: what’s the difference between rekeying and replacing a lock? Of course, explaining what it means to replace a lock might sound a bit obvious. It’s when a licensed locksmith provides you with a completely new lock instead of the old one. On the other hand, rekeying means that a locksmith will replace the working key of the lock but not the lock itself. The lock stays. However, a locksmith will have to take it apart and replace some of its pieces. Usually, they’ll replace the key pins, also known as tumblers, in a very simple manner. Once your lock is rekeyed, the old key(s) will no longer function and become obsolete.

A person holding keys to their home.
Rekeying doesn’t involve changing your lock completely.

When the time comes to change your lock(s)

Here we’ll try to point out the correct time to change your lock(s). In other words, let’s see in which situations this action seems a bit necessary.

Going for a nicer design (1)

Let’s say you want to change the design of your old lock totally, or you’ve just moved into a home that “sports” not-so-appealing locks. Going for a different design will require you to opt for a complete lock change. If you’re living alone for the first time, there isn’t a better time to think about safety as well as design. Give yourself some time to adjust to living on your own and make the place feel like “your own”! 

One key to rule them all (2)

Do you want the different locks (more precisely: locks of various brands) to all work with the same key? If so, you’ll need to change some of them in order to do it. Here’s the thing: if you want to re-key your locks to work with the same key, they’ll all have to be from the same brand.

Boosting your home’s security (3)

The third scenario in which you’ll want to change your lock(s) concerns upgrading your home’s security. You might want to replace your old locks with their high-security or electronic counterparts.

A clock next to a door handle.
Boost your home’s security and avoid wasting time on unnecessary issues.

When the time comes to rekey your lock(s)

Okay, and now let’s see when’s the right moment to rekey your home’s locks. Most experts agree that there are two most popular scenarios for rekeying your locks.

You’re quite happy with the lock but want to change the key (1)

For instance, you might’ve lost your keys together with your personal documents while you were out on a Saturday night. Since you don’t want anyone to find it, locate your place, and try to unlock your front door, rekeying your locks is the right thing to do. Also, you might’ve moved into your freshly-bought home without knowing who else has the keys to it. Rekeying or changing locks is something most people consider things to take care of first after moving in. We’d suggest you opt for the first option: rekeying.

One key to rule them all, once again (2)

As we’ve already said, first, you’ll need to make sure all of the locks are of the identical brand. Then you can proceed to rekey your locks in order for all of them to be opened with a single key.

Can you (or should you) DIY the rekeying-your-locks process?

Here we’ll consider whether it’s all right to step into DIY mode when it comes to rekeying your locks.

Yup, it’s possible to DIY the process with a so-called rekey kit. You’ll find these at your local hardware store or at big box stores and online, on Amazon, for instance. If you were to check online reviews of rekey kits, you’d see they’re pretty much mixed. It seems as though you’ll need a lot of patience to do this yourself. Also, you’ll need to be somewhat handy, too. Luckily, there’s a solid number of online tutorials you can check out. However, we’d recommend you still hire a professional for this, and here’s why. 

Avoid DIY-ing the rekeying process (hire a pro locksmith)

To be completely honest, your best bet is to hire a locksmith to handle the process. Even though it’s the costlier option, hiring a pro is still recommended. There’s a good chance you don’t have any idea about what locks you have inside your home, or you might have multiple lock brands in your place. If you try to DIY the whole thing, failing will most probably mean you’ve ruined a lock. Also, your home warranty might cover the cost of rekeying. It all, of course, depends on what kind of plan you’ve got. Make sure you check that out! 

A key inside a keyhole.
Your best bet is to hire a professional locksmith when deciding to rekey or change locks

Where to find an experienced locksmith? 

Lastly, let’s see how you can find an experienced locksmith in your area without much hassle. Probably the best way to do this is to ask your friends, neighbors, or relatives for recommendations. Some of them will probably have something up their sleeve. However, if you’re a bit short of recommendations, you can simply browse the web for local locksmiths and check reviews on third-party websites. Also, keep in mind that you should always for a licensed locksmith with some good experience.

Final words on the debate: rekey or change locks

Okay, dear readers, this was all we’ve prepared on the rekey-or-change-locks debate. Hopefully, now you understand why some folks choose one option or the other. Whether it’s better to rekey or change locks is up to you. At least you’re equipped with the necessary info on where to find a reliable, professional locksmith in your area. Until next time! 

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