Smart technologies are improving our lives, and home security is no exception. People who are moving to a new home or remodeling want to enhance the security of their homes. The usual dilemma relates to the door’s material, such as whether you should stick with wood or go for steel doors. However, you may fail to consider an additional, often overlooked aspect – the lock mechanism. Nowadays, you can switch to electronic locks that guarantee a heightened level of safety and convenience. For this reason, we will discuss the following – is a keyless entry door lock right for your home? Read on to find out.


Changing the locks before you move into your new home is a wise security move, but the type of lock you go for also makes a huge difference. The lock you choose will depend on several criteria. Firstly, it depends on who will have access to your home. For example, sharing keys with your employees and delivery people might compromise your safety if you’re running a business from your home. Secondly, your area’s weather conditions and climate might also influence your decision. For instance, areas prone to power outages might complicate the power supply needed for keyless electronic locks.


Finally, you should explore your options carefully not to overstep your budget. In any case, you should always go for a licensed residential lock installer – cutting corners in this respect might lead to inadequate security in your home. Let’s take a deep dive and compare the benefits and downsides of key vs. keyless entry door locks.


Traditional key doors

Most go for the standard key and lock front door solution simply because they are used to it. Yet, it makes sense to steer away from your force of habit as there are several reasons you might benefit more from the keyless alternative.

a key in a front door lock

To key or not to key – that is the question.

Keys are familiar and reliable

As we mentioned, you might be used to using a key as it is reliable in all setups and weather conditions. You do not have to worry about power outages or software errors closing the door to your home for you. So, if you are not comfortable with new technologies, a keyless entry door might not be the right choice.

Keys are easy to lose

Keys are notoriously easy to lose, especially if you have a lot of family members or residents living in your home. This might not be an issue if the lock mechanism isn’t too complex – you can replace the key inexpensively. Inexpensive locks are also unsafe locks. Many people feel apprehensive when their entry door has a simple locking mechanism, and for the right reason – simple key locks can be easy to break in. Also, anyone who finds the lost key can enter your home without breaking a sweat.

Replacing a traditional key or lock can be expensive

Another downside is the costs you might face if you lose a key. First, you will probably have to change the lock completely to ensure your home is safe. Secondly, ordering a replacement key might be extremely expensive if you have an advanced lock mechanism. For these reasons, you ought to be careful.

a home with a red door

Key or lock replacement can be quite expensive.

Losing the key might incur many issues as you won’t be able to enter or leave your home until you replace the locks or even the entire front door. A similar problem occurs when you are renovating or moving into your home. In most cases, you must give the movers or contractors access to your home. Make sure you research and hire experienced movers that will not compromise the security of your home. When moving locally within Florence, KY, pros can ensure safety and get you moved in without any risks. if you have doubts that your home’s security has been compromised, go for keyless entry doors so that you can just change the password after you move into your new home.

Opening the door with a key is not convenient

If you carry around a lot of keys with you, searching your bag to grab hold of a key ring might not be so convenient, not to mention the weight and bulkiness. Furthermore, it gets pretty tiring when you have to search for a key while holding onto your groceries. In that sense, key and lock doors can be annoying, mainly if the lock is not as easy to open. And if the door has a non-locking doorknob, you always have to pay attention to bringing the key with you when you leave the house.

Keyless locks

No need to replace keys

One of the major benefits of keyless locks relates to their multi-functionality. So, if you have many people coming into your home, securing it with a front door keypad is much easier. Simply set up a new password for guests and don’t have to worry about losing key copies. Change the passcode or block entry to the door if you need to do so. You can also make it easier for your children and relatives to go into the house when you are away. So, you will never again have to worry about lost keys and break-ins. Furthermore, calling the locksmith in the middle of the night becomes a thing of the past.

a keyring in a locked front door

No need to worry about losing your key when you have a keyless entry lock door in your home.

Keyless entry doors are very secure and easy to operate

It is relatively simple to learn the functionalities of keyless entry doors. In that sense, you will have maximum security you have complete control over. So, keyless entry door locks are flexible as you can restart and edit their settings whenever there’s a need for it.

Keyless entry doors can be unreliable in certain weather conditions

Is a keyless entry door lock right for your home if your apartment block or neighborhood experiences problems with the power supply? This can pose a problem, but most keyless mechanisms come with an independent energy source or battery that ensures you do not experience such issues. Living in an area with volatile weather conditions, you should steer clear of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-connected entry lock systems. If power outages are frequent, going for a traditional key-and-lock setup might be more convenient.

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