The holidays are a time for celebrating and gift-giving. They are also a prime opportunity for thieves and burglars to strike. New and unopened gifts (especially those delivered to a porch) are enticing opportunities. But you can protect your home, family, and possessions by adhering to some simple (and in some cases common sense) guidelines:


  1. Make Your Home Appear Occupied – Whether traveling or just leaving for work for the day, a home that looks empty is a much more likely target than one that may or may not be occupied. Leave a small light or two on all the time, even overnight. Avoid having mail, newspapers, or advertisement circulars, pile up in front of your house.
  2. Secure Doors And Windows – This one seems obvious; but many homes make the mistake of plugging outdoor Christmas decorations through an ajar window. You might as well just leave the front door open for a would-be thief!
  3. Keep Gifts Out of View – We all love for our beautiful tree to be on display in the front room window for all the neighborhood to see. Know what else is on display? All the gifts underneath! Consider placing the tree in a part of the house or room that makes those gifts less conspicuous. Or if you just have to have the tree in the front window, wait until Christmas morning to put those presents out.
  4. Protect Your Deliveries – A package sitting out on a porch for an extended period of time is ripe for the taking. If you are expecting deliveries, use the tracking numbers to keep a watch on their delivery progress. You can also provide instructions to the deliverer requesting that packages be left in a more secure location like a side porch. Once they arrive, bring them in as soon as possible. Ask friends and family to notify you if they send a present your way so you can be prepared.
  5. Watch The Trash On The Curb – You just received a 72 inch smart TV! And everyone, including would-be burglars, knows it. How? Because you left the box sitting in the driveway for a week waiting for garbage pick-up! Put packaging to large, expensive items on the curb just before pick-up.
  6. Don’t Be So “Social” – Keep your travel plans and expensive gifts off of social media. You may think all those people are your “friends”. But that one guy you went to high school with 25 years ago might no longer be the great guy you remember.


Remember nothing deters burglars more than a well-secured home. Contact the pros at Tri-State Lock, Northern Kentucky Locksmiths, serving residential and commercial properties,  to make sure your home and family stays safe this holiday season!