Examples of when you might need a key replacement.   You might be curious why you could need a key Replacement. The answer is simple: Most doors have locks and unlock using a key, and it’s an item that can wear out or break. And when a key doesn’t work, no one is getting in!

There are multiple valid reasons to change your keys:

  1. Keys can become worn down over time
  2. They can break in half 
  3. You might forget where you put them
  4. They might get lost
  5. Changing situations (move out, transfer of ownership, separation, divorce, etc.)

If any of these incidents happen, you must get a replacement key or locks as soon as possible. 

How Often Should I Replace My Keys?

Keys can wear out from usage, but that depends on several factors. If they become worn, you might notice you have a more challenging time using them. Should you see they’re not working as effectively as they once did, that’s a clear signal to acquire replacements.


Our Locksmith Services Appropriate For Me?

It’s always best to reach out and contact a professional before fixing something yourself. However, there are times when doing so isn’t necessary. 

For instance, if you’re trying to open a door without damaging anything inside, then you should call a locksmith service. Using a service to deal with a more severe problem like opening safes in Northern Kentucky saves time and money. Since locksmith services are affordable, it’s best to err on the side of resolving the issue quickly and professionally without damaging your vehicle.


What Are Some Common Causes Of Car Lockouts?

The most common cause of car lockout is losing your keys. Sometimes people leave their keys in the car, at home, or in another location. Other times, they may forget where they left them. In any case, they end up locking themselves out and need a quick solution. That’s when calling a professional locksmith makes sense.

Another reason for car lockout is breaking your keys off of the ignition switch. This unfortunate incident happens when you start your car by turning the ignition key. As the key turns, it pushes against the ignition switch causing it to bend. Eventually, the key can break off. That’s one time when you have few options other than relying on a locksmith.


Can A Locksmith Make Car Repairs?

A locksmith can help with almost any car lockout situation, including unlocking doors, rekeying locks, or replacing lost keys. However, a locksmith isn’t the one to call for general repairs – that job is for auto repair technicians. But if your problem relates to keys, they’re the ones to call.


When Can I Call A Locksmith Service?

If you’re in a lockout situation of any sort, calling a locksmith in Northern Kentucky is a straightforward approach to fixing the problem promptly and professionally. Emergency services ensure you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Your Locksmith In Florence

Tri-State Lock can help you with picking out items to keep your home secure.  Whether you’re looking for a trusted home locksmith to rekey your locks, or you need help getting into your locked vehicle, we’re here to help. Contact us today for all your lock-and-key-related needs!