Choosing the best smart lock might have you feeling like a contestant on ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’…the popular game show designed to trip up adults and favor the innovative minds of our nation’s youth. On the market today are many makes and models of what we call ‘Smart Locks,’ door mechanisms that are electronically managed through a key-pad or phone-app. The old lock & key hasn’t been put to rest, it’s just been enhanced and improved to meet our 2020 technologically charged world. 

These locks were designed to increase the security of your property; removing the ability to be ‘picked’ by a criminal eager to gain access. They receive overwhelming positive reviews, but there are many things to consider before purchasing a smart lock system for your home. Consulting with a professional locksmith like Tri-State Lock, located in Northern Kentucky, serving the Greater Cincinnati Area, is the best option as they will be able to meet you on-site to help determine the best system for your needs.


Here are a few scenarios and features to consider when choosing a smart lock system. Specific product information and further details can be found in a full article here.


Phone Access: the ability to unlock your front door with an app on your phone is an unbelievable convenience! If you leave your keys inside, or at work, gaining access to your house via a phone app is one of the best benefits of a smart lock system.


Detailed Log: Many smart locks will keep a  detailed log of who unlocked or locked and when. For those who live with roommates or want to keep an extra eye on teenagers, the tracking function of smart locks can come in handy.


Peace of Mind: You can easily check the status of your doors and locks while you are away or tucked snuggly in bed. Most of the apps have a feature that will report if a door is open or not locked.


Added Security: No need for keys means less instances of losing them or theft. It also means less risk of a guest losing your keys if you provide them with a copy. Additionally, some systems will notify the owner if someone has tried to tamper with the lock or entered the wrong code several times.


Compatibility: Most US-based smart locks are compatible with deadbolt systems only. Some, replace the entire deadbolt and some are add-ons to the existing key mechanism. Make sure you check with your landlord or any HOA policies that might prohibit the installation of a new locking system.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a smart lock system for your home. We encourage you to engage with a professional locksmith at Tri-State lock to help make your decision and to avoid pitfalls of purchasing poor quality equipment, installation snafus, or compatibility issues. When you choose Tri-State Lock to handle the selection and installation of your smart lock system, you’ll skip the headache and be left with nothing but convenience, security, and peace of mind.