The familiar ‘Murphy’s Law’ mantra of ‘If anything can go wrong, it will!’ can be applied to so many common-place life experiences… that spilled cup of coffee, the stubbed toe, the window left open in a rainstorm, life’s little annoyances that seem to always happen at the most inopportune time. Another universal truth that correlates to the original Murphy’s law is ‘You never find a lost article or item until you replace it.’ All of these universal truths, that often are said in retrospect to a cringe-worthy experience or mishap, should help us step back and evaluate the ways that we can prevent life’s seemingly inevitable mishaps. While most mistakes can’t be fully prevented, there are proverbial safety nets that you can put in place to prevent total failure; failure that can be both costly in time and money!


One of the easiest safety nets you can have is several sets of spare keys. Anything that locks with a key should have a spare set; cars, houses, recreational vehicles, watercrafts, safes, and filing cabinets… a spare set of keys can save you time, money, and multiple headaches. It’s fairly common for homeowners to hide spare keys outside of homes, and, it’s also common for people to have multiple methods to gain entry to a safe or personal file cabinet (whether that be spare keys or dual entry options with a combination.) While the idea of hiding a spare key is fairly common, the most overlooked possession that should have an intentional spare key is your car.


Having at least one spare car key made is essential in preventing major meltdowns. If you are unfamiliar with these meltdowns… they can be often found in parking garages and lots! If you lock yourself out of your car, you either have to break your way back in, which has the potential to damage your car, or you have to call an auto-trained locksmith to assist you. There will be costs incurred, including the time spent waiting for the locksmith to reach your location. Investing the time and money, both minimal, to have spare keys for your car made will likely save you ten-fold on your investment. 


Once you commit to having spare keys for your vehicles and perhaps other important places or possessions in your life, it’s important to follow through with a detailed plan. Many choose to place their spare key on the outside of the car using a specially designed container to hold keys in a discreet and secure fashion. Some choose to keep spare keys in different locations that they frequent, one at home, one at work, one at a family member’s house. Others also use a ‘key buddy’ system, a trusted friend that keeps the spare key and is willing to meet you in a time of need.


Tri-State Locksmith is your one-stop shop for spare keys. We encourage you to take a few minutes and intentionally think through your spare key stash… do you have the proper amount of ‘safety nets’ in your life? Create a list of possessions that need spare keys, include not only if a spare is needed, but where the spare key will be kept. Once you’ve made a plan and a list of your spare key needs, bring your list and your original keys into Tri-State Lock and we’ll get you set up for success! 


Murphy’s law might be unavoidable, but at Tri-State Lock, we’re ready to help solve life’s little mishaps and prevent major meltdowns.