We live in an ever-changing world. Technology allows us to be constantly connected to one another and information. We work, we travel, we have different hobbies; we are a creative and inquisitive species, always seeking new and exciting adventures. We continue to develop as a society and if you can pause and seek out the good, one can feel the forward progression we are making. Unfortunately, our forward progression continues to come with a dark side…. Criminal activity such as theft continues to play a role in our complex society. Securing your personal possessions remains an important step in protecting your future. 


A tried and true form of personal protection is the use of safes. The concept of a safe, a secure box with protected entry, has been around for centuries. Modern technological advancements have expanded the variety and uses of safes, but the concept remains the same: only some get in, others—don’t! 


Did you know that one of the most common times for security breaches to occur is during the day, while most adults are at work? Hollywood has ingrained in us movie-goers that break-ins occur at night when everyone is snug in their beds, and, while these still occur, it’s important to note that your possessions may be at risk for theft during broad daylight. Purchasing and utilizing a safe is one of the best ways you can be sure you are protected. 

The different safes on the market can be categorized by their type of entry (keypad, key, biometric, dual entry) or by what they are meant to hold.


Tri-State Lock understands the importance of securing your possessions. With a wide array of safes on their showroom floor, the knowledgeable staff at Tri-State Lock will help guide you to the right choice for your needs. Below is a list of different types or attributes found in the world of safes, may it guide your discussion and decision making.


Small Security Safes: Generally small enough to slide under the bed or behind a piece of furniture but offer enough protection that you can store a number of items in them without worrying. Cash, jewelry, or other precious items store easily inside. 


Media Safe: Designed to protect items such as a laptop, other expensive electronics, or important documents, media safes are often easy to access and move around the home without struggle. 


Gun Safe: Any family with a gun in the home needs to make sure that they have a safe place to store it and keep it out of the reach of children or guests. They come in a variety of sizes, from small ones for storing a single handgun, to stand-up safes that protect any number of rifles or shotguns. Specially manufactured to protect the gun and it’s material, using a dedicated gun safe will protect your family as well as the gun itself.


Wall Safe: When you want a hidden safe that is easily accessible, you might want to consider one that fits in a wall and is coverable by a picture or tapestry. They are ideal for smaller, light weight items such as jewelry or documents, but aren’t ideal for large items due to their size.


Features to look for in any size safe: waterproof, fireproof, and impact or drop resistant. Consider if you will need a light inside the safe (some come with inside lights), or if the concept of a false bottom (an additional secret area below the visible storage area) is necessary.

Entry methods available: single combination, single key, dual entry (combination + key), biometric (fingerprint), digital key-pad, card swipe.