We generally do all we can to secure our personal property and possessions. Bike locks, car fobs, padlocks on gates. Anywhere items of value are stored, measures are taken to ensure their security. And yet we often overlook the most vulnerable location on our property that is generally loaded with expensive possessions; our detached garages, sheds, and outbuildings.


Take a moment and think about all the items in your outbuilding; tools, lawnmowers, tractors, bicycles, ATVs. They likely cost you thousands of dollars when purchased. That number increases dramatically if you use your outbuilding for storage of goods or operate a small business. “There’s nothing but a rusty lawnmower and some other junk out there… who’d want that stuff.” Answer: metal thieves. While the value of those items may not be great, the replacement cost of them can be considerable. And if you do operate any kind of business out of your outbuilding, those items may not be covered by your homeowners insurance!


Now take a moment to think about the lock securing that building. A rusted padlock screwed into a weathered wooden jamb? A deadbolt that you never bothered to re-key when you moved in?


It’s a given that thieves look for vulnerability and opportunity. The more you can do to eliminate those variables, the more likely a would-be thief will skip your property entirely. Here are some helpful steps to improving the security of your outbuilding:


  1. Proper lock the building when not in use. This seems like a given, though we are all guilty of leaving the shed unlocked with intentions of returning shortly. It’s not until we return (days) later that we see the unlocked door and mumble “oops” to ourselves.


  1. Replace worn out locks, hinges, and door jambs. That padlock doesn’t do much good if the latch is attached with rusty screws to weathered wood that can be pried out with little effort.


  1. Cover windows. A thief is less likely to take the risk breaking into your outbuilding if they have no way of knowing if there is anything of value to them inside.


  1. Secure valuables within your building. Bikes and mowers can be locked up. Lockboxes and keyed cabinets can be used to store your valuable tools within your outbuilding. The extra step/hassle involved in using these items is well worth the peace of mind in knowing when you need them, they will be there!

Don’t wait for misfortune to find you! Take the necessary steps to ensure the security of your outbuildings. The staff at Tri-State Lock is ready to serve you by providing the hardware and installation necessary to keep your equipment as safe as possible.